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The Quebec Automotive Detailing Training Centre is unique. Each program is established with specific learning objectives. Our courses are motivating and enable participants to practice and master all fundamental detailing skills. The benefits of proper training for franchised automobile dealers, garage owners and individuals is the ability to offer lucrative detailing services to paid customers.


Automotive detailing: a service that appeals to consumers.

Automotive detailing is a service that consumers love to purchase. Our tailor-made learning programs with our expert trainers will enable you to offer the best to your customers while generating a source of recurrent revenue for your automotive business.

RestorFX ClearFX Car Paint

CLEARFX 5-day Pro training

The ClearFX system offers protection against high velocity particles and is designed for all exterior surfaces, including painted panels. With next-generation technology, ClearFX makes all surfaces extremely hydrophobic. ClearFX seals and hardens the surface and makes it more scratch-resistant using a process named attogenetic surface engineering. The finish of your car will benefit in longevity and brilliance.

Business Opportunity

Operating licenses available for Quebec and New Brunswick.

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Our facilities are ready to accommodate groups of up to 8 people. The training is done in a state-of-the-art climate controlled work bay. Our all-inclusive training packages include lodging, meals and snacks.

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All our courses lasting more than 2 days include lodging, delicious meals and snacks.

Located next to our training workshops, our accommodation will allow participants to enjoy a very comfortable stay. All our rooms are comfy and include bedding and bath towels as well as a relaxation area in the veranda.

The warm atmosphere and enchanting scenery of Saint-Brigide d’Iberville (Quebec, Canada) will provide participants with the experience of a B & B retreat.